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The Most Epic Bruins Ice Girl Contest…EVER

boston_bruins_ice_girls headerThis time of year is always very exciting for hockey fans. Days in New England gradually get cooler, the kids start going back to school in the coming weeks, the rookie camps break relatively soon, and of course, the Ice Girls higher ops choose their squad to keep the fans entertained between whistles. So, what does that mean for YOU, the reader of the Spoked B? You get to pick your favorite from the new crew of lovely ladies. How am I going to run this? March Madness style, in the fall. I will deem this tournament, OCTOBER MADNESS: The monumental search for 2009-2010’s most epic Ice Girl (brought to you by The Spoked B).

Here’s the rules/regulations/details:

1. I will set up a bracket that will be randomly selected out of a hat, or maybe one of my hockey helmets if I am feeling very festive.

2. There will be a two day period where you will be able to vote on the website and determine who you think deserves the glory of being The Spoked B’s most epic Ice Girl for 2009-2010.

3. Once the decision has been made I will accept any and all bribes from any of the actual Ice Girls who believe they are most deserving. If their bribe is sufficient, a Florida recount will be made and Al Gore’s frown will not be upside down.

4. If no bribes are made, and the decision has reached it’s final frontier, the winner will get their own tab on the top of the main page where all who visit The Spoked B can appreciate how you all voted.

So that is the contest. I hope all of you will enjoy it. Who will be the winner? Will it be Jenna, will it be Yolanda, or will it be Brianna? I have zero clue, I just pulled those names out of my…ear. Either way, this promises to be better than March Madness. So, start getting your office pools together and get ready to fill out your brackets because OCTOBER MADNESS is just around the corner!


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