Monday Update

Hurricanes Bruins HockeyI have to come out and apologize upfront for the lack of posts over the weekend.  It was my Alumni weekend and I was no where near a computer for a good 50+ hours.  It was kind of humbling to be totally honest.

Anyhow, as much as I would like to comment on Saturday’s game, I can’t.  For lack of a better term I was in a “different state of mind” during the game and things are what scientists call, hazy.  With that said, I can definitely remember being very impressed with the 4th line and the ability of Julien & Co. to run four lines out there and not have to worry about any real match-ups.  I love teams who coach their team and not try to constantly compensate for what the other team is doing.  You’ll win 100% of your games if you are forcing the other team to compensate for you than the other way around.

More to come tomorrow…


One Response to Monday Update

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    well i for one watched the game saturday and was impressed. i think that first game was good for the bruins. they were on fire on saturday and hopefully this sets the tone for things to come. thornton and lucic were beasts, begin worked his butt off and the balance of scoring was great.

    good to see bergeron off to a good start, he had another solid game.

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